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October 29, 2010

Forever yours, faithfully

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Today I was in the neighborhood of an old friend so I stopped by his office to catch up on old times.  We laughed, teased, reminisced, and yes shed some tears as we visited.  You see I hadn’t seen him in quite some time and hadn’t heard the news of his wife who had recently undergone heart surgery.

They have lived an amazing life together.  This has been through thick and thin as they grew together from their youth raising a great family.  He had just celebrated a birthday and while we spoke his children called wishing him well.  As we talked I could feel deeply his love of family; particularly his wife with his emotion concentrated on her.  I could sense how their relationship intensified as she tested deaths door.

Perhaps as a stress relief he gave me details of her surgery; every detail was filled with passion as you can imagine.  His description gave evidence of gratitude for modern medicine, but clearly I could see he felt the pain of witnessing his soul mate going through this procedure.  She has come through it with expected success, but still in recovery.

I left his office got into my car and immediately thought of my wife and the extraordinary life we have shared.  While reflecting and overflowing with a deep sense of gratitude an old Journey song came on the radio.  The song was “Faithfully.”

My intensity increased as I turned the music up with Steve Perry singing, “I’m forever yours, faithfully.” http://bit.ly/journeyfaithfully

My life with Kim has been AMAZING!!!  She is my strength, my courage, my motivation, mother of our children, and a person who has certainly made my life worthwhile.

From a man who is incapable of giving back all my beautiful spouse has given me; know what I can give is that “I am forever yours, faithfully.”



October 21, 2010

She did WHAT?

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I participated in a conference where I was entertained by a speaker who used humor to educate.  At the end of his presentation he shared with us a story (in a serious tone) about a woman’s courage.  The tale was a short on Susan Boyle, the British singer; her story touched my heart.  I want to expand on what I know she accomplished for all of us.

At birth Susan was oxygen deprived leading to a life of learning difficulty.  She didn’t have the looks that could have overcome her deficiency as she sported frizzy hair and an odd-shaped face.  Abuse ensued with children teasing her mercilessly; the teasing followed her through adulthood.  Her comment to interviewers after performing was, “the jibes left scars that don’t heal.”

Romance and love were not given to Susan as she made claim to never being kissed.  As a result she dedicated her life to her parents care.  Singing was her escape allowing her to participate in a world where she excelled naturally.  Her mother insisted on Susan sharing her talent with the world by going on “Britain’s got talent” show.

Picture for a moment the courage it must have taken for this wonderful soul to appear on stage; honoring a commitment to her mother.  She knew in her heart that each and every time someone new looked on her, they immediately began to scorn.  She knew that the stage was witnessed by over 3,000 and over 10 million were watching live on TV.

As she walked out all prophesies were fulfilled.  Not only was the audience snickering but the judges were as well.  Think now how it must have felt to be Susan at this time in her life; think of her courage!  She held constant to an inner belief, knowing she had a gift and that she was not participating in a beauty pageant.  Singing perhaps was her safety net, one she had used many times in her life before.

When asked “What are you going to do?”  The insults continued as she shared with the world her dreams and aspirations.  In the opening lines of her song the audience miraculously began to applaud, a complete change occurred right before our eyes.  Her voice penetrated all who have ever dreamed a dreamed.  Her voice echoed into eternity giving hope to all who share these same fears.  At the end she was given a standing ovation.  Being new to entertainment she immediately walked off the stage.

The judges had to recall her so they could remark on their feelings.  The judges and the audience were humiliated, knowing they had placed inappropriate judgment on a fellow human being.  Morgan, a judge, commented “Everyone laughed at you but no-one is laughing now.”  This perhaps became a wake-up call to all who too had placed sentence on this brave woman.

We live in a world where beauty is expected to excel.  We give a pass to those who have the look, even if they lack the talent.  Those who don’t patronize the gym, buy the latest fashion, or have the natural curves perhaps are required to push through subconscious objections.

Susan knew if her talent failed her, she would again be humiliated; this time in front of the world.  This brave soul took courage by the hand and with a heart of determination walked out on stage.  Yes, saying no, or walking away at this time guaranteed a continuous unglamorous existence, but didn’t allow for a commitment made or a belief felt.

What is your talent?  What is in your heart?  What is keeping you from reaching your desires?  Susan may have come from a place of the lowest expectations, yet she climbed to heights many will never see.

Don’t wait to be plucked from obscurity, share what lies within your heart.  Talents are given to be shared and taken away if left idle.  Look deeper, feel more intensely, reach within your soul.  Express the greatness inside each of you.  Bless our lives with who you are!  There is a bright future given to those who make their dreams reality.


October 20, 2010

Potential Dust Covers

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October 10, 2010

No “do overs.”

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Life presents itself with hills and valleys, ups and downs or highs and lows.  Science learns about historical events in specific areas by examining trees rings.  On living trees for example, a core is taken and reviewed by experts.  They then can determine the years of plenty or years of great stress.

 With this approach science finds what has built the character of the tree.  Knowledge is obtained proving the tree needed storms (challenges), calm (resting), and bounty (success’) to gain strength.  It is only through a varied life of difficulty (trails) and abundance (blessings) that a tree can in fact withstand nearly any challenge it is presented with.  Too, it is through this growth that good times are deeply felt, knowing the foundation being built.

 Trees that are farm grown with either props that hold them up or assistance insuring there is never a need, can barely endure any difficulty presented as they grow.  Constant lives of sameness, with no challenges, prove to be detrimental and even fatal.  It may seem appropriate or even desired but experience shows protection from adversity strips moral fiber.  When life presents difficulty there is nothing there to sustain them.

 We all have had trials, some may suggest more today than in recent history.  I will suggest that if you were granted an opportunity to have a “do over.”  Going back in life to remove a difficulty and could then see the life lessons that would be lost as a result; we would gladly take the trials or see them as blessings.

 Some of our greatest joy, our deepest learning and our foundation of faith have come by enduring these life lessons.  Don’t find yourself misunderstanding the value of experience; it builds your character.  Don’t take from yourself the need for trails; they both sustain you and bring fulfillment.

 Your trials may seem at the time they are lived to be insurmountable.  Know they aren’t and that they are times you would never give up if you understood what lie ahead.


October 1, 2010

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. ~Milton Berle

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As a musician, I grew up with teachers, church leaders, even other kids my age, telling me that I shouldn’t study music because musicians end up being poor. Later in life, I decided to learn sound engineering in order to have my own recording studio or to be a freelance sound engineer. In pursuing this avenue, a different, albeit similarly voiced group of individuals, told me, but you will have to go on tour or work late-long hours which won’t allow for a family. When I started into real estate, my parents questioned why, now with a family, I chose to get into a profession that has no regular income security like a salary/office job would have. Then I started to write a book and my in-laws started to wonder when I was going to get a real job.

Overtime I started to realize that I was an opportunity junkie. I was so tired of being told that my professional choices were flawed that I sought out new opportunities to try and quench those that doubted. Seeking opportunities were more to make others happy with my life than it was for me.

Then I came across this quote from Milton Berle. “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” During this time of career shifting I continued to find that desk job that would make my in-laws happy, and the day job that would keep me around home. The more I tried, the more rejection I found. At some point I told myself, I can’t wait for some employer to find my value and to leave my future in his or her hands, and I don’t think that I would want some of the jobs that others were pushing me to find. Opportunity was not knocking at my door, so I went and built several doors. So I shifted my paradigm. I realized that there is a way to have a job with security, that keeps me close to my family, and can be in something that I love.

Now in 2010, I am hearing more knocking than I have ever before. I have my own recording and video production studio, a classic radio production facility, I have one documentary released with another being released later this year. My book is going to press and should be available before Christmas, and I have produced and recorded multiple albums this year. Nobody handed me these opportunities, I had to go make them happen. In tough economic times, we have the opportunity to make our own opportunities. Rather than be a victim of layoffs and unemployment, we can embrace the strengths we know we have and form the futures we have always wanted. This is not the promise of millions of dollars, but of satisfaction, of fulfillment, of lasting happiness.

Happy door building everyone!

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