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November 18, 2010

Critical Reviews

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These are the critical reviews from those who have read my manuscript to date:

“This magical book penetrates directly to the soul with its remarkable lessons of truth and hope in a world full of uncertainty. Jaren Davis has given us a precious gift that comes but once in a decade. Simply enchanting!”

Dr. Denis Waitley, author Seeds of Greatness

“Jaren’s book couldn’t have come at a better time for our society. The wisdom shared through the experiences of a family giving of themselves, a mother following her heart, and a gift received by an angel, make this a heartwarming read for everyone.”

Richard Paul Evans, author of The Christmas Box and The Walk

“Jaren has provided us with much-needed wisdom at a critical time in our modern world.  Insightful, brilliantly written, and packed with excitement while teaching us valuable life lessons.  A recommended read for all who wish to unlock simple truths for purposeful living.”

Dr. Raymond Moody, author Life after Life

“I have gained valuable life lessons while being entertained emotionally.  Thank you for sharing with us your heartfelt wisdom in this beautiful account.  Your story will be taken throughout the world by all who are blessed to learn of your writings.”

Kevin Hall, author Aspire

“Every now and then a truly amazing book comes along that has the power to change hearts and give hope… “The Bracelet” has that power and is such a wonderful story that will touch your life and inspire you to be better.. This is a book that you will read, love and want to share…what a special gift.”

Cami Peterson Snyder

“It is truly inspired and needed out in the world.”

Donnette Hicks

“Phenomenal!  Just finished.  Want everyone to read it!  Good work stud!”

Nick Morgan



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    I haven’t read a book that gave me “good” goose bumps for awhile…It has warmed my heart and filled it with hope again…
    Jaren captures your attention while teaching the valuable life lessons in this compelling account of his story.
    May we all take heed to use this in our daily lives for a better world for all!

    Nina Stratford

    Comment by Nina Stratford — March 17, 2011 @ 1:53 pm | Reply

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