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November 18, 2010

Critical Reviews

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These are the critical reviews from those who have read my manuscript to date:

“This magical book penetrates directly to the soul with its remarkable lessons of truth and hope in a world full of uncertainty. Jaren Davis has given us a precious gift that comes but once in a decade. Simply enchanting!”

Dr. Denis Waitley, author Seeds of Greatness

“Jaren’s book couldn’t have come at a better time for our society. The wisdom shared through the experiences of a family giving of themselves, a mother following her heart, and a gift received by an angel, make this a heartwarming read for everyone.”

Richard Paul Evans, author of The Christmas Box and The Walk

“Jaren has provided us with much-needed wisdom at a critical time in our modern world.  Insightful, brilliantly written, and packed with excitement while teaching us valuable life lessons.  A recommended read for all who wish to unlock simple truths for purposeful living.”

Dr. Raymond Moody, author Life after Life

“I have gained valuable life lessons while being entertained emotionally.  Thank you for sharing with us your heartfelt wisdom in this beautiful account.  Your story will be taken throughout the world by all who are blessed to learn of your writings.”

Kevin Hall, author Aspire

“Every now and then a truly amazing book comes along that has the power to change hearts and give hope… “The Bracelet” has that power and is such a wonderful story that will touch your life and inspire you to be better.. This is a book that you will read, love and want to share…what a special gift.”

Cami Peterson Snyder

“It is truly inspired and needed out in the world.”

Donnette Hicks

“Phenomenal!  Just finished.  Want everyone to read it!  Good work stud!”

Nick Morgan



October 20, 2010

Potential Dust Covers

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July 19, 2010

“The Bracelet”

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The Bracelet is a story about the undaunted courage of a mother and her special connection with her inner light, a family’s adventure in a new world, and a gift from a special advisor.

 The Callisters were fortunate–they had a nice home, took great vacations, and had four wonderful children. But Karen Callister felt something deep inside her driving her to provide more. Not something material, but an experience–a life-changing experience. And when a mother is on a mission for her children, nothing will stop her!  Road blocks appear, at times seeming insurmountable, yet she perseveres.

So it is that this family is blessed to visit a culture that might as well have come from another world, where they witnessed love, compassion, service, sacrifice, and growth. Their own example alters the lives of those they touch, which in turn alters the course of an entire society.  However, it is also a world with a dark past, one that threatens the Callister girls with kidnap and a life of drug-induced slavery.

Interwoven through the breathtaking adventure is the influence of a wise spiritual leader; who, with the gift of a bracelet, a sacred blessing, and a series of intense but practical lessons changes young Alice’s life forever.

Come join the Callisters in the adventure of a lifetime. The Bracelet might just be the most important book you will read this year. Its ancient wisdom transcends millennia and provides lessons more valuable today than in any other time.

July 6, 2010

Introduction to “The Bracelet”

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This Segment was produced for me by Nick Galieti owner of  “Studio 5.1”
Nick can be reached on his mobile @ (801) 301-0440.  Nick is an extraordinary talent, a man you would enjoy working with!!!

June 25, 2010

“The Bracelet”

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May 24, 2010

First look @ book

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This short narrative is taken from a chapter in my book.  It is about one-third of the way into the story.

I have placed it here on the blog for one reason, “I need your feedback.”

While short and in draft form; I feel it gives a sense of what you will see if this writing ever makes it to print.  Please take time to comment.  Sharing your feelings will aid me in knowing whether or not this is a worthwhile venture.  Thank you in advance!

4:32 p.m. That’s when I first noticed that Alice was missing.

We had been touring the grounds of the temple at Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia, for most of the day. The largest temple in the world, during its prime Angkor had been home to an estimated one million people. The fact that it still stands as one of the seven ancient wonders of the world is physical evidence of Cambodia’s regional power from the ninth to the thirteenth centuries. Today, the jungle dominates Angkor Wat, not only its exterior grounds but also encroaches on to the structure itself. The tour had been one of the most incredible experiences we had ever had as a family, but right now it was the furthest thing from my mind. My little girl was not to be seen, and we were in a very foreign land with a sometimes dubious reputation.

“Karen!” I whispered nervously. “Where’s Alice?”

“She was over by that piece of statuary just a minute ago, Jim. She was with Lucy and Rick. I’m sure she’s close,” she assured. “Ah, see, here come Lucy and Rick now,” Karen continued as their 17-year-old son came around a corner, his vivacious 14-year-old sister in tow.

“Rick, where’s Alice? Mom said she was with you,” I blurted.

“Nope–must be with Johanna. We just stopped to look at the elephant painting again. Lucy just can’t get over how cute it looks!” he mocked as he smiled at his younger sister.

“Not with me!” Johanna piped up as she stepped out from behind her mother.

“Jim?” Karen said quickly as her mother’s instincts kicked in. Then turning to the children she demanded, “When was the last time any of you saw Alice?”

And that’s when I first felt the magic that was to enter our lives, for although I could hear our three older children stammer in self-defense, a calm unlike anything I had ever felt before enveloped me, not unlike the robes worn by the monks that still inhabited Angkor Wat–comfortable, warm, and just a little mysterious.

Without saying a word, I reached over and took my wife’s hand, motioning with a nod of my head to follow. Though I had no idea where I was going, I knew exactly where we were headed. We were going to find Alice.

We retraced our steps about 30 feet back down the hall whence we had come and turned right, even though we had come from the left. There, chatting with an older man as comfortably as Jesus must have been with the learned men when Joseph and Mary returned to find him at the steps of the Jerusalem Temple was little blonde 7-year-old Alice. Though we had never seen this man before, we both felt immediately that she was in no danger, so we stood back in silence and watched the scene before us.

The older man was not sitting in a lotus position but rather kneeled, which put him eye to eye with our daughter. He extracted something from a hidden pocket in his robes and pressed it into her hands, whispering comfortably as he did so. I could not resist and raised my camera to capture the moment. An unusual feeling of gratitude washed over me as I pressed the button– warm light from the late afternoon sun flooded my subjects through a lower window as my viewfinder revealed an image normally reserved for the front cover of National Geographic. With or without the picture, I will never forget that moment.

The flash alerted the old man that he had visitors. He looked over at Karen and me–and our children, who had caught up to us and had been equally captivated by the scene–and seemed to recognize immediately the situation. A concerned family had come looking for their precious missing one. He smiled warmly at us, and we knew that Alice had been in no danger. Then turning back to Alice, he clasped her little hands in his own, tapped at whatever he had given her, and whispered gently. At that, he rose and shuffled off down the hall.

“Alice, who was that?” Johanna blurted out, now that the magic of the moment had gone with the disappearance of the old man. “What did he give you?”

“And why didn’t you tell us where you were?” chastised the ever-protective Rick.

Alice just gave us that look that all 7-year-old girls seem to know instinctively, the one that says, I knew exactly where I was this whole time! Don’t get all huffy! There was nothing to worry about! Walking up to her mother, she opened up her hand and said, “He gave me this bracelet. Isn’t it pretty?” “Oh my,” Karen commented softly as she reached out to touch it, feeling a deep sense of love overcoming her. “That is beautiful, it is elegant and very remarkable.” The sophistication of the workmanship was rare to anything Karen had ever seen.

I heard a step behind us and turned to see that our tour guide had joined us. “Did you see this older man, Tree? Do you know him?”

“I am sorry, Mr. Callister. I have never seen him before, although he walks as if he is comfortable with these surroundings. If that is the case, it is strange, for I give tours here every day, and yet I have not seen him.”

“His robes–they did not seem to be the same as the robes of other monks we have seen today. Do they mean anything to you?”

“Again I am sorry, Mr. Callister. They were unlike anything worn by our local monks, and yet I must admit that there was something hauntingly familiar about them, as if I should know them by sight and know of their considerable meaning. Very strange, I must say.

“One more thing that you should know, Mr. Callister. I overheard just a bit of what he was whispering to your little one. He was speaking a blessing, the words of which are very ancient and very sacred. Few outside this temple know this blessing. I only came across it last fall as I studied ancient literature at the university. While browsing the archives looking for descriptions of how the temple was built, I found an old but very well preserved text that spoke of an unusual spirit that attended this most famous of all temples, a spirit that connected this world with the world of those who had passed on before. The bracelet that he gave your daughter contains very old symbols that remind one of this blessing and its meaning.”

Though the intellectual gist of what our guide had said went right over Alice’s little blonde head, she understood enough to know that this was a very unusual gift. But then, that was something that she already grasped as soon as the old man had wrapped his worn fingers around her young ones and pressed the bracelet tight against the palm of her right hand. As she looked up into her mother’s deep blue eyes, she smiled, then radiated the afternoon light in her smile. Somehow they both knew, as did I, that she would never be the same after this day.

April 24, 2010

Chapter One Complete

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This is the post to give away our first book!!!  Over the next 24 hours, whoever makes a comment of any kind on this post will be put in a random drawing for a signed book and the chance to have a guest appearance at the gathering of their choice.

Thank you to all who have ordered books thus far.  The average order is 4 books not including group orders.  Thx, it means a lot.


Chapter Three Finished!!!

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Dear friends;

Word of my book is spreading and gaining incredible momentum; for that, I thank you.  It is time for another giveaway.

These are the winners to date of a free signed book:  Adorna Carroll, Ronda Landes, Johanna Palepoi, Micah McAllister, Kim Holmstrom, Nick Galieti, Adam Nash, Cassi Willoughby, Lori Fleming, Neda Talyai, Cami Snyder, Kiera Ethington, Isaiah Kaufusi.  The list will keep growing through the end of editing.

Again post a comment on my blog @ http://bit.ly/Jarensblog, just hit the like button on Facebook, or send me an email to jaren@jlddevelopment.com.  Each place qualifies for a book.  Odds are greatest on blog.

April 23, 2010

Chapter Two Finished!!!

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Adorna, Ronda, Johanna, Micah, Kim,  Nick, Adam, Cassi, Lori, Neda and Cami each have won books to date.

This time you can post on here, Facebook or send me an email jaren@jlddevelopment.com

Many have suggested easier access will give more opportunity 🙂

Good luck and thank you, I am excited!!!

April 21, 2010

Free Books!!!

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My writing anything was initially 100% relief from the stress of the economy.  Writing developed into what I called “My book.”  As I was nearing completion, family members would read parts and enjoy the content.  My thoughts took me to believing it could develop into something enjoyed by more than my immediate family.  As word got out and some of you read pieces, you encouraged me to do more with it, so I have.

I began sharing chapters with friends and asking their opinions.  Nick Galieti, a friend who had written a book himself, suggested strongly that I had something with what I had written.  He is the one who gave me the push over the fence by introducing me to his editor, Dan Hogan.  Dan too felt there was a story needing to be shared with the world.

Not wanting to waste Dan’s time and to gain true perspective from others outside my circle of friends, I pushed it out further.  Now having a viewpoint from a variety of individuals, I have elected to move ahead.  Dan is in editing mode and moving forward.  We have completed the introduction and the first three chapters.  At this pace we will be in print this fall.

Thank you:  To those of you who have helped thus far, I am giving you a book.  Adorna Carroll was the first person to publish as a link on facebook something about my book.  Ronda Landes was the first to post on my blog.  Johanna Palepoi was the first person to place a link to my blog on her website.  Micah McAllister, you were the first to subscribe to my blog.  Kim Holmstrom, you were the first outside my family to suggest the book had value.  Nick Galieti, it would have never happened without you.  Adorna, Ronda, Johanna, Micah, Kim, and Nick, for these gestures, I will hand deliver and sign a book as a gift to each of you.

Contest: For every chapter we finish, I will give someone a book.  Right now I owe four books, one for the introduction and three for the finished chapters.  I randomly selected from those who posted on “My first look @ book.”  Adam Nash is the winner of this book.

From this point on, whenever we finish a chapter, I will post on my blog a notice: Chapter One Finished, Chapter Two Finished, etc.  There are currently twenty-two chapters, plus or minus.  When I create the post, go to my site and make a comment.  I will wait for twenty-four hours and then gather the names (if you subscribe by email you will be alerted to the posting).  With the names generated I will use an excel spreadsheet (I am a finance nerd) to randomize the list.  The person on top of the randomized list wins the book.  If you are the only one to post, you win.  If no one posts, I will give that book to a library or charity.  At the end of the book, I will then pick from the winners a grand winner (again randomly selected).  For this person, I will travel to their home (regardless of where it is) and speak about the book in person.  This can be one on one, to a book club, a church group, or any gathering they want.

Getting word out:  I will give a book to every person who creates a link to my blog from their website. This will move traffic and help me get the word out.

Ordering books: There are many who have asked about ordering books.  These inquires have come from all over the country and as far away as Australia, Germany and Africa.  If you want a book personally or books for a group, just send me an email to jaren@jlddevelopment.com.  All I need for now is your name and email.  Giving me your home town would be fun–we can then see where you live to get an idea of how word is spreading.  On each of these orders, I will sign each book before it is delivered.  Later I will think of some give away or special pricing to those who order before we know details on dates or value.

Know how exciting it is to be able to share something which is meaningful to me.  My joy will come from hearing the words made a difference to someone.

Subscribe, wait, watch, and we will have some fun.  Thank you!!!


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